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Marta McClave

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner and Educator

Hello and welcome

Hello, I'm Marta, and I sincerely appreciate your interest in exploring my profile. As a certified therapist, psychologist, educator, and mindfulness yoga teacher, I'm dedicated to helping individuals embark on their therapeutic journey.

With over 7 years of experience working with both adults and children across the UK and Europe, I offer a range of services designed to support your well-being and personal growth. My expertise encompasses individual therapy, mindfulness-based yoga, and empowering workshops.

In my practice, I've discovered that while traditional talk therapy is powerful, a holistic approach is even more effective. By grounding my clients in their experiences and incorporating mindfulness and breathing techniques, I help them navigate their emotional challenges more sustainably. This approach is particularly valuable for issues like anxiety, depression, trauma and somatic healing.

My passion for the human body, stress management, and holistic healing has driven me to undergo extensive training in areas like neuroscience, the nervous system (with a focus on the vagus nerve),  human anatom, somatic healing, yoga nad mindfulness. I firmly advocate for a mindful and authentic approach to life and relationships. I work with clients dealing with family issues, loneliness, and social anxiety, firmly believing that the path to balanced relationships lies in self-healing and reconnecting with one's authentic self.

In the therapeutic process, I equip you with tools to uncover your self-worth, break free from negative self-beliefs, and transform your relationship with yourself. I'm here to accompany you on this vital journey towards healing and rediscovering your authenticity and inner strength.

I'm also the founder of 'The Cool Monkey,' where I host emotional literacy workshops for children. We offer after-school sessions for kids aged 2-14, focusing on yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques. Additionally, I regularly host webinars and workshops for parents, covering topics such as emotional literacy, stress management, and understanding emotions.

I'm currently working with How2Edu, an innovative educational application in Poland, where I create well-being and psychological content. In the past, I dedicated my time to charities like HomeStart and LifeChanges in England, providing counseling and mentoring to those in need.

Before my career as a therapist, I served as an emotional support worker for children in primary and secondary schools. This experience highlighted the profound influence of childhood on our adulthood. It's become clear to me that my calling is to support others on their personal journeys.

As I continue to expand my knowledge in yoga therapy, I'm also pursuing a postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology for children and youth. I welcome you to reach out for more information, and I offer a free 30-minute initial

About me

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Educator, Yoga and mindfulness instructor. Training and Workshops. 


  • Advanced clinical psychotherapy training (The Berne Institute, Nottingham, UK)

  • Counselling Diploma (The Berne Institute, Nottingham, England)

  • BSc (Honours) Psychology - Child Development

  • Foundation Degree in Humanistic Counselling (Middlesex University)

  • 200 hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Practitioner 

  • Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma, Master Level

  • The Vagus Nerve Foundational Masterclass

  • The Body Therapy training

  • Process Group Therapy Training

  • Redecision Therapy Training

  • Parent Infant Mental Health Certificate (NHS)



  • Clinical psychotherapist, private practice since 2016

  • Psychologist at How2Edu 

  • Psychotherapeutic counsellor at LifeChanges Charity

  • Mentor at HomeStart charity

  • Yoga practitioner in Uram Clinic

  • Educator in the Mindful Parenting Academy


  • Certificate in polyvagal theory- Neuroscience, Nervous System School

  • Certificate in working with shame

  • Mindfulness for anxiety and sleep

  • Certificate in working with passive behaviours

  • Certificate in working with group dynamics

  • 3 day workshop in Psychotherapy Intensive, Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, UK

  • 2 day workshop in group process

  • Certificate in drama therapy

  • Certificate in Mindfulness for Children

  • Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

  • Couples therapy certificate, The Berne Institute, UK

  • Diploma in Yoga and Mindfullness for Children

  • Breath work - My Vinyasa Practice, Texas

  • Working with somatic experiences locked in the body

  • Understanding the brain: the neurobiology of everyday life - University of Chicago

* I regularly attend variety of workshops and seminars, and engage in supervision.

About me

What I offer

*Below are fees for individual therapy sessions. One session lasts 50 minutes and is booked in advance.

*Once the session is booked, it is required to give 48 hours (two working days) notice for cancellations or the full fee applies.

Individual session

* Session lasts 50 minutes

* I offer free 30 minute consultation

*price £40 (£50 Saturday Sessions) 

Working with children

* Session lasts 50 minutes

* Price £40 per session (£50 Saturday Sessions)

* Prior to starting therapy with children, 6 individual sessions with one or both parents are required.

Couples Session

* Session lasts 90 minutes

* I offer 30 minutes free consultation

* Price £60

Training and workshops

* The price of each workshop vary depending on the length and the content of each workshop

* Price between £10-£60

Group Therapy

* Each session lasts for 90 minutes

* Free 30 minutes consultation for each participant prior to starting the group

* Group is closed and a full commitment to all sessions is required

* Price £15

* Workshops for children age 1-12 around emotional literacy 

Trees Reflection in the Water

Contact Me

*You can contact me via email, telephone or through this website.

*If I do not answer your call, please leave the message and I will get back to you within 24 h. 

Tel: 07830443037

Thank you for submitting!

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