Marta McClave

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Educator

Hello and welcome

My name is Marta. I am a certified therapist and psychologist as well as an educator and a well being content creator.

I am fully qualified, registered and accredited practitioner, with 8 years of working experience with adults and children. 

I run an online and in person private practice, where I see individual clients (adults and children). I am a founder of 'the Cool Monkey Club', emotional literacy workshops for children, an after school club for kids ages 2-14. I also run various webinars and workshops for parents, teaching emotional literacy, managing stress and understanding emotions.

Recently, I have the pleasure to work for an innovative, educational application (How2Edu) in Poland, where I create a well being and psychological content.

​​In the past, I have dedicated my time to working with several charities, namely HomeStart and LifeChanges in England. There I offered counselling and mentoring to support people in need of help.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I was employed as an emotional support worker for children in primary, and later on in secondary school. I have learned a great deal about human development and realised how greatly childhood influences our adulthood. This opportunity has given me a needed insight into human growth. It has become very clear to me, that my calling is in supporting others. ​

About me

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Educator, Yoga and mindfulness instructor. Training and Workshops. 


  • Advanced clinical psychotherapy training (The Berne Institute, Nottingham, UK)

  • Counselling Diploma (The Berne Institute, Nottingham, England)

  • BSc (Honours) Psychology - Child Development

  • Foundation Degree in Humanistic Counselling (Middlesex University)

  • Process Group Therapy Training

  • Redecision Therapy Training

  • Parent Infant Mental Health Certificate (NHS)

  • Couples therapy certificate

  • Diploma in Yoga and Mindfullness for Children

  • Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma, Master Level



  • Clinical psychotherapist, private practice since 2016

  • Psychologist at How2Edu in Poland

  • Psychotherapy counsellor at LifeChanges Charity

  • Mentor at HomeStart charity


  • certificate in polyvagal theory- Neuroscience

  • certificate in working with shame

  • mindfulness for anxiety and sleep

  • certificate in working with passive behaviours

  • certificate in working with group dynamics

  • 3 day workshop in Psychotherapy Intensive

  • 2 day workshop in group process

  • certificate in drama therapy

  • Certificate in Mindfulness for Children

  • Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

* I regularly attend variety of workshops and seminars, and engage in supervision.


What I offer

*Below are fees for individual therapy session. One session lasts for 50 minutes and is booked in advance.

*Once the session is booked, it is required to give 24 hours (one working day) notice for cancellations or the full fee applies.

Individual session

* Session lasts 50 minutes

* I offer free 30 minute consultation

*price £40

Working with children

* Session lasts 50 minutes

* Price £40 per session

* Prior to starting therapy with children, 3 sessions (one with the child, one with parents and one together) is required.

Couples Session

* Session lasts 90 minutes

* I offer 30 minutes free consultation

* Price £60

Training and workshops

* The price of each workshop vary depending on the length and the content of each workshop

* Price between £10-£60

Group Therapy

* Each session lasts for 90 minutes

* Free 30 minutes consultation for each participant prior to starting the group

* Group is closed and a full commitment to all sessions is required

* Price £15

* Workshops for children age 1-12 around emotional literacy 

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Contact Me

*You can contact me via email, telephone call or through this website.

*If I do not answer your call, please leave the message and I will return your call within 24 h. 

Tel: 07830443037

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