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Marta McClave

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner and Educator

Hello and welcome

My name is Marta. I’m really grateful you’re taking the time to look through my profile. I hope you will find what you need to be able to start your therapeutic process.

I am a certified therapist and psychologist as well as an educator and mindfulness yoga teacher. I am fully qualified, registered and accredited practitioner, with over 7 years of working experience with adults and children both in UK and Europe.

I run an online private practice where I see individual clients of all ages. I dedicate my time to teach yoga with mindfulness as well as  leading workshops, teaching parents about subjects such as mindful living and, aware and connected parenting.

A long time ago I discovered that the talking aspect of therapy was a very powerful part in my work with clients however, the discovery of the true self needed the part that will ground the client in their experience making it a more sustainable outcome for them. This is the reason why I include mindfulness and breathing techniques, to stimulate and regulate clients’ nervous system, to help them to release the stored stress and trauma from their bodies, not only their minds, and most of all to help them understand their processes and their body's messages, learning how to use them to heal their trauma, stored stress and emotional pain. This approach helps with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, negative self-image and much more. I am passionate about the human body and natural ways of managing stress, addiction or feelings of sadness. I have gone through extended training in fields of neuroscience, nervous system (vagus nerve in particular), human anatomy. I am also a dedicated advocate for mindful and authentic approach to life and to relationships. I help clients with issues related to family issues, couples counselling, loneliness and social anxiety. I believe the truth to well balanced relationship lies in self-healing and regaining the authentic spirit that lies within us. In the therapy process I incorporate tools that will help you discover your self-worth, untangle and change the negative unconscious believes about yourself and to change the relationship you have with yourself. I will accompany you on the most important journey through the process of healing and regaining authenticity and strength.

I am a founder of 'The Cool Monkey’, emotional literacy workshops for children, an after school club for kids ages 2-14, where we practice yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques. I also run various webinars and workshops for parents, teaching emotional literacy, managing stress and understanding emotions.

Recently, I have the pleasure of working for an innovative, educational application (How2Edu) in Poland, where I create the well-being and psychological content.

In the past, I have dedicated my time to working with several charities, namely HomeStart and LifeChanges in England. Where I offered counselling and mentoring to support people in need of help.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I was employed as an emotional support worker for children in primary, and later, in secondary school. I have learned a great deal about human development and realised how significantly childhood influences our adulthood. This opportunity has given me a needed insight into human growth. It has become very clear to me, that my calling is in supporting others.


At the moment I am expanding my knowledge in yoga therapy. I am also a student on the postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology for children and youth.

I invite you to contact me for more information. I offer a free 30 minute initial consultation, during which we will meet and talk about your needs. 

About me

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Educator, Yoga and mindfulness instructor. Training and Workshops. 


  • Advanced clinical psychotherapy training (The Berne Institute, Nottingham, UK)

  • Counselling Diploma (The Berne Institute, Nottingham, England)

  • BSc (Honours) Psychology - Child Development

  • Foundation Degree in Humanistic Counselling (Middlesex University)

  • 200 hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Practitioner 

  • Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma, Master Level

  • The Vagus Nerve Foundational Masterclass

  • The Body Therapy training

  • Process Group Therapy Training

  • Redecision Therapy Training

  • Parent Infant Mental Health Certificate (NHS)



  • Clinical psychotherapist, private practice since 2016

  • Psychologist at How2Edu 

  • Psychotherapeutic counsellor at LifeChanges Charity

  • Mentor at HomeStart charity

  • Yoga practitioner in Uram Clinic

  • Educator in the Mindful Parenting Academy


  • Certificate in polyvagal theory- Neuroscience, Nervous System School

  • Certificate in working with shame

  • Mindfulness for anxiety and sleep

  • Certificate in working with passive behaviours

  • Certificate in working with group dynamics

  • 3 day workshop in Psychotherapy Intensive, Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, UK

  • 2 day workshop in group process

  • Certificate in drama therapy

  • Certificate in Mindfulness for Children

  • Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

  • Couples therapy certificate, The Berne Institute, UK

  • Diploma in Yoga and Mindfullness for Children

  • Breath work - My Vinyasa Practice, Texas

  • Working with somatic experiences locked in the body

  • Understanding the brain: the neurobiology of everyday life - University of Chicago

* I regularly attend variety of workshops and seminars, and engage in supervision.

About me

What I offer

*Below are fees for individual therapy sessions. One session lasts 50 minutes and is booked in advance.

*Once the session is booked, it is required to give 48 hours (two working days) notice for cancellations or the full fee applies.

Individual session

* Session lasts 50 minutes

* I offer free 30 minute consultation

*price £40 (£50 Saturday Sessions) 

Working with children

* Session lasts 50 minutes

* Price £40 per session (£50 Saturday Sessions)

* Prior to starting therapy with children, 6 individual sessions with one or both parents are required.

Couples Session

* Session lasts 90 minutes

* I offer 30 minutes free consultation

* Price £60

Training and workshops

* The price of each workshop vary depending on the length and the content of each workshop

* Price between £10-£60

Group Therapy

* Each session lasts for 90 minutes

* Free 30 minutes consultation for each participant prior to starting the group

* Group is closed and a full commitment to all sessions is required

* Price £15

* Workshops for children age 1-12 around emotional literacy 

Trees Reflection in the Water

Contact Me

*You can contact me via email, telephone or through this website.

*If I do not answer your call, please leave the message and I will get back to you within 24 h. 

Tel: 07830443037

Thank you for submitting!

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