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What is psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy?

In direct translation from the greek language, psychotherapy means healing the soul (psyche- meaning breath, spirit, soul and therapeia- meaning healing). Psychotherapy is a method of psychological treatment supporting your personal development. Therapists use a range of psychological techniques and tools to influence your mental and emotional state. Psychotherapy includes systematic, regular sessions and a contract between a therapist and a client. The relationship between you and the therapist supports the release of feelings, fantasies and thoughts, which help building your self-consciousness. Psychotherapy helps you work on permanent changes to your behaviour. It helps you to gain control over your life. You can make better decisions in all the aspects of your life and therefore gain satisfaction from it.

How to start?

It is important to choose the right therapist for you. You can have an initial phone consultation with a therapist and book your first session. On your first session you will discuss your problems and issues. Therapy is most successful when you commit to regular weekly sessions. The power of therapy lies in your trusting relationship between you and your therapist.

When to seek therapy?

It is a good time to start therapy when you find that you are feeling overwhelmed by the hardships of your life and you are not able to deal with them on your own. Your own solutions to these problems stop working or become another contributing factor to the problem.

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